Summer is here…

To celebrate the lovely weather that we have been having, we would like you to describe a summer day. Use your senses to describe what you would be able to hear, smell, feel and see on a lovely, hot day. Think carefully about your sentence starters. Use these images to help you, but you can use your own ideas of what a summer day would be like. I hope we get some sun this weekend!


Photo Credit: <a href=””>Sergio Moratilla</a> via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>



Photo Credit: <a href=””>knowinspiration</a> via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=””>cc</a>









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FAB week – Recycled Art Project

Please remember to save any plastic bottles, buttons and newspapers for our recycled art project during FAB week.

Thank you.

Enjoy the holiday!

Miss Lennon

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Can I design a kite that will fly?

Can I design a kite that will fly? on PhotoPeach

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I think of a number….

This week in numeracy we have been learning about the inverse for each of the four main operations. To help us, we answered number riddles such as:

I think of a number and I divide it by 4. My answer is 4.
What is my number?

I think of a number and add 5. Then I multiply it by 4. My answer is 36.
What is my number?

Post your examples of inverse number riddles here…

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Life in the Stone Age

This week we had a Stone Age day where we learnt a lot about what life was like for the people living in Britain thousands of years ago.

What would you enjoy about life in the Stone Age? Can you share any ideas of what activities you might be doing? What would you house be like? What would you eat? What would life in the Stone Age be like?

Share all your ideas here!

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Out in the woodland

Imagine you are out in the woods. What time of day is it? Why are you out there? How do you feel? Use your senses to describe what you can see, hear, small and touch.

Think about all the different sentence structures we have been practising in class when you are writing your description.

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Help our bees!

Why should we be concerned for the bee population? Research what is happening to the bee population and post how we can help them.

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Snow Day!

The snow has been falling very heavily this week and we know all the children were delighted to spend some time playing out in it. For your homework, write a short description of playing out in the snow and put it on our class blog. Think about how you felt, what could you see, what could you hear and what could you touch. Remember to include all the key sentence structures we have been practising in class.

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Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing – The Dragon Kite on PhotoPeach

Year 3 spent their literacy lesson using Talk for Writing to familiarise themselves with ‘The Dragon Kite’ by Kenneth Steven, which we are using as inspiration for our adventure stories.

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Communicating our learning with Year 1

Sharing with Year 1 on PhotoPeach

After all our hard work this term, we were delighted to welcome Year 1 to our classroom to share all that we had learnt. We talked about life in Ancient Egypt, the River Nile, mummifying a dead body, Howard Carter and Tutenkhamun’s tomb and the gods the Ancient Egyptians worshipped. Year 1 were given a lesson in writing their names in hieroglyphics from their Year 3 partner and were able to have a go themselves. There was also lots of exciting art work to share.

Thank you Year 1 for being such lovely and interested guests – we hope you come back and visit us again soon.

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